Herbal Tea From Bhutan

Bhutan in another word was known as ‘Lhojong Menjong,’ the southern land of medicinal plants. We have rich diversity of of medical plants which was used as medicines from the time of our ansentors only.

Today many of the medical plants are coming out in the form of herbal tea Infused with aromatic plants that grows in the himalayas.

Top Herbal teas in bhutan are:

1. Corcyceps Tea
The rare cordyceps from Bhutan is crushed and blended with other herbs and the finest Darjeeling tea, that gives a distinct ordoured taste along with the benefited medicinal value present in the cordyceps

2. Matsutake Tea
Matsutake mushroom also known as Sangay Shamu is found every mid of August in Bhutan. Its is known to have good amount of protein as well as vitamins like B1, B2 and Vitamin C. The mushroom is dried and powdered, blended with other herbs and tea to produce a popular “Bhutan Matsutake Tea”

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