Best Herbal Tea Supplier in Bhutan

Herbal Tea is an infusion of naturally grown or blends with various leaves, fruits, roots, or flowers that can be edible plant. In Bhutan, naturally grown herbal plants are commonly rich in natural biodiversity and known for the health benefits of the people.

They are created from almost any combination of natural ingredients, as there are a numerous herbal plants each with their own flavor qualities and health benefits.

Some of the most common combined with herbal tea includes:

1. Cordyceps Tea

2. Matsutake Tea

“Bhutan Cordyceps Tea” and “Bhutan Matsutake Tea” by Druk Herbal Cordyceps includes best quality of herbal green tea leaves which is rare to find in most part of the world which is why people mostly prefer to drink our herbal tea products.  When herbs are mixed with high quality cordyceps and high grade matsutake mushroom, the test taste comes out to be the best. Additionally, even coffee/other tea lovers are choosing to drink our herbal tea in a day such as before bed, working or at home so that they are able to avoid anxieties and stress.

One of the main reason why herbal tea is most preferred in Bhutan is because it allows people to reap the health benefits of various herbs, spices and plants that is easy to consume and can digest properly.

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